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Lynne Newton - Foxybiddy - Photography

2 Buttercup Lane, Street, Somerset, BA16 0PJ, Tel: 01458 446373

Lynne has a passion for photography, which can be seen in all of the images she has kindly provided for our website. Despite busy family life she will get up at 4-5am and go to some of her favourite photo spots in the hope of capturing the spirit of Glastonbury Tor and the enchantment of the Somerset Levels. Living in Street she is ideally placed to explore new angles on the themes she loves the most - the Tor and nature.

Lynne is fascinated about the flocks of starlings that migrate here during the winter months. This is an exciting time as she never knows what her camera has captured until she analyses the pictures at home. In October 2007, "A Murmuration of Starlings" photograph had won her first prize in category in the Currys/Telegraph Our Lives photo competition and this award gave her national news coverage which no doubt has helped increase the number of visitors wanting to watch this spectacle.

During the starling season she runs a log on her website letting people know where they can spot them. Her images can be bought online from her website shown below.

Click Here to visit Lynne's website

  • Lynne Newton - Foxybiddy - Photography
  • Bird watchers can find many species of birds and other wildlife on the Levels and the Mendip Hills. This images was taken at sunrise on the Levels.
  • Mountain biking on the Mendips.
  • A beautiful misty sunrise with Glastonbury Tor.
  • Silhouette of Glastonbury Tor.
  • Otters can be spotted on the Levels.
  • The pheasant is widely found throughout this area. Some of the wilder terrains of the Mendip Hills and the Levels make it a suitable habitat for this bird.
  • The tough Black Eye Moo gang making a rare appearance! The Levels have highly fertile ground and cattle graze on rich lush grass.
  • Glastonbury Tor in late afternoon sunshine.
  • Willow trees can be found all over the Levels and this is a scene that is highly evocative of the area.
  • A Murmuration of Starlings.
Lynne won first prize in category in the Currys/Telegraph Our Lives photo competition with this image.
  • Herons can be found stalking the banks of rivers and ditches around the Levels.
  • Starling Dove.
  • Starling Tree.
  • Lynne Newton - Foxybiddy - Photography
  • Monsters head over red brick house.
  • Kingfishers live in the along the banks of the many rivers and ditches on the Levels.
  • Starlings and swan at Shapwick Heath.
  • Starlings in flight.
  • A rich sunset at Westhay Nature Reserve.
  • Berrow Sands is a long flat sandy beach situated along the Bristol Channel. When the tide drops the sea disappears into the distance and the mud flats become exposed. These have pockets of quick sand and become quite treacherous to venture onto, with a tide that rises and falls at a visible speed.
  • Burnham Lighthouse with late afternoon sun.
  • Lynne Newton - Foxybiddy - Photography