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Wells, Somerset

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Somerset Carnivals - The Wells Carnival

17 November 2017

The 2017 Wells Carnival is a spectacle not to be missed. We have made a short 6 minute film of the event below. It is said be the biggest illuminated carnival in the world. These huge floats make their way slowly through the medieval streets intertwined with street performers with highly inventive and stunning costumes. As it is dark at this time of year the blaze of colourful lights, music, dancing and beautifully tailored costumes on these floats creates a unique and exciting atmosphere. The tableau floats depict scenes with all the performers in a fixed pose effectively creating a living picture. The carnival is Free to see and all these floats are created by enthusiasts who are raising money for Charity.

The 2017 Wells carnival is scheduled to take place on Friday 17th November at 7.00pm and is a must see for anyone planning to come to the area. If you miss the Wells carnival then you can find it touring a number of other towns around Somerset for a couple of weeks. There is also a fun fair in the market place.

If you would like to watch most of the 2012 Wells Carnival then click on this link to Pete Penfold (a Wells resident) who captured a 3 part video of the event.

Click on the link below for the carnival route.

Wells Carnival Route (pdf 112kb)

Visit the Somerset Carnivals website

  • Masqueraders Carnival Club: Jester Choo Choo. A large carnival float with brightly lit moving jesters and dancers.
  • Gremlins Carnival Club with their fantastic Revolution float.
  • Masqueraders Carnival Club with their incredible Journey of the Polar Bear Queen float.
  • Britannia Carnival Club: Joseph. Carinval float with an Egyptian theme and huge rotating pharoah heads with dancers.
  • Gremlins Carnival Club: Nemesis - Invasion of Earth. A mean looking futuristic carnival float with many moving legs, light guns and dancers.
  • Griffins Carnival Club: Cleopatra. A large float with huge moving pharoahs and dancers.
  • Hucky Duck Carnival Club: Tat2Art. A tableau float with an Art Deco theme.
  • Vagabonds Carnival Club with the uplifting Aloha float.
  • Toy Town from the Ramblers CC is a float with los of huge toys and dancers
  • Horror Express by the Tango JCC
  • Masqueraders Carnival Club: Jester Choo Choo. A large carnival float with brightly lit moving jesters and dancers.
  • Marketeers Carnival Club with their spooky Roller Ghoster float.
  • Oasis Carnival Club: Ghost Riders. A tableau float with cowboys pursuing cattle.
  • Revellers Carnival Club: Diamonds of India. An indian theme float with brightly lit rotating wooden dancers and human dancers.
  • Vagabonds Carnival Club: Warparty. A huge float with giant red indian heads and dancers.
  • Hillview Carnival Club with the Hollywood Hotel
  • Westonzoyland Carnival Club: Cursed. A pirate themed float with giant moving skeletons and dancers.
  • Mickey Mouse balloons passing by between the floats