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Wells, Somerset

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Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the late 1700's, the Georgians built simple but uniformly imposing buildings that had grandeur. Much of the city has hardly changed in over 200 years.

Bath was founded by the ancient Celts on the site of the only natural hot springs in England. They worshipped Sul, goddess of the springs. Later the Romans adopted the cult of Sul because of her similarity to their goddess Minerva. They established a bath and temple complex around the springs, and named the location Aquae Sulis, or Waters of Sul. In the 18th century Bath became a much more genteel and fashionable place and many of the fine buildings that we see today were built then. These include the Pump Room, Royal Crescent, The Circus, Assembly Rooms, Great Pultney Street and Pultney Bridge.

Bath may be your main destination but should you have a couple of spare days why not add Wells onto your itinerary. Wells is just 22 miles away but it opens the door to a beautiful part of Somerset. Wells is not just a beautiful place to visit but can be a great base for exploring the surrounding area.

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  • The Circus in Bath
  • The Roman Baths
  • Bath Abbey
  • A typical row of Georgian Housing on Landsdown Road
  • The Royal Crescent
  • Great Pultney Street
  • Pultney Bridge and weir
  • Parade Garden in the very heart of Bath
  • Meander along the canal path and watch canal boats chugging by.

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