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Wells, Somerset

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King Alfred's Tower

Kingsettle Hill, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0LB

King Alfred's Tower is a folly: it is a building that arguably serves no purpose. Nevertheless its size and beauty make it an imposing addition to the landscape, and the views from the top are breathtaking.

The tower was intended to commemorate the end of the Seven Years War against France and supposedly stands near the location where it is believed that Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, rallied the Saxons in 878 before defeating the Danish army. The tower is 49 metres high and has 205 steps to the top for visitors to enjoy fantastic 360 degree views.

This is part of the National Trust and is linked to the Stourhead property. There is almost no information on the NT website about King Alfred's Tower, but there is a small fee to climb the tower.

Visit an enthusiasts website with much information about King Alfred's Tower

  • The imposing structure which overlooks the Somerset landscape
  • A quirky look up the inside the triangular tower.
  • The spiral staircase with 205 steps
  • Alfred's Tower makes a large shadow on the landscape. The people on the ground look very small from up on the tower.
  • The 360 degree views are breathtaking and give the observer a really good feel for the landsape.
  • Silhouette of the tower at dusk

Lat/Long : 51.114830, -2.364977